Goldie Hawn

The Boy Who Calmed Down

It’s been a tough yet inspiring few weeks. Between meetings for the app, the profile films, the short film for Goldie Hawn and the actual day job, we’re a little stretched over here.

However, that’s boring, let me tell you an interesting story from this shoot. We meet this kid during the shoot who has a smile that is a perfect mix of curiosity, hope and uncertainty. The kind that if unchanneled will label him as mischievous and trouble, yet if channeled, he will most likely be labeled as a genius.

This kid tells me that he has been suspended from school over 10 times. He couldn’t control his anger. He repeatedly asked for help. Nothing was working. His parents would tell him that he wasn’t their son, that it was the devil that took over him.

Since starting this program on mindfulness, he has learned to meditate – and take control. He tells me, “I take a brain break, sir, and when I’m angry, I know that my amygdala is hijacking my pre-frontal cortex, and then I can cam down.” (Those are his actual words – I am not a sir, but kids in schools call adults sir. I want to be a sir one day though…) And since then, he has gone from “that kid we all dreaded” (the teachers and students share a version of this) to the Head Boy of his school.

To. The. Head. Boy Of. His. School.

With some new tools and a new story for himself, this little guy is demonstrating an old idea in a fun new way.

“What lies within you is greater then what lays around you”

More stories like these, please life.

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