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First Draft

The deadline for our feature screenplay is this Sunday night. Spending hours alone writing is a funny, weird, beautiful thing. You have to feel what you want the audience to feel, which means siting in an empty room trying to make yourself laugh, make yourself cry, and make sure that you love and understand your characters. […]

Go and Do It

I had been reading anything and everything I could get my hands on regarding metaphysics, new thought philosophy, esoteric ideas and anything to do with spiritual awakenings for about 10 years. I had found ‘Watkins’, the worlds oldest metaphysics and spiritual bookstore, which felt like my own Hogwarts. And then I stumbled onto the work […]

Our North Star Foundation

So what is the ‘North Star Foundation’? A film fund producing impact storytelling projects based on hope and optimism. Our film fund will produce stories and fund storytellers who want to make stories to uplift and inspire. Stories to remind you that someone else has been through whatever you’re presently going through. Stories to remind […]

Preparing for the New Year

Focus. It’s the final few weeks of 2018 and, for me, this means I get to practice some of the new habits and focus techniques I want to rely on in 2019, which means making tons of mistakes and having the permission to get it all wrong. Too often, I’ve set a million new goals at the start […]

A Message to 4-Year-Old Jacob

When a 4-year-old walks in on his mum and her friend watching a DreamChaser video and asks if you could be his friend?!! My heart almost exploded. And when he gives his mum a Batman mask to show you how you could be friends… CUTENESS overload. The only appropriate thing is to make him a […]

Thanks to Our Angels

These two. Since I was about 13-years-old I have imagined a future version of a BAFTA/Oscar speech. Over the years, different people have entered and left that list. Jo and Kate will be on that list till the day I die. . . A lot of us have dreams or goals, bigger than our environment, resources or […]

Back from LA LA Land

Back from LA LA Land. Waking up at stupid o’clock hungry to chase these dreams. We did more film work with Nolan Bushnell — who founded Atari, was Steve Jobs’ only ever boss, invented Chuck E. Cheese and who, in his late 70’s makes me feel all kinds of lazy. He’s building a new computer […]

Life Lessons from a Taxi Driver in Israel

Life lessons from our cab driver. I could talk for days about the contrasting experience of Israel, but I feel like this man embodied it perfectly. Dotan, an orthodox Jewish man, philosopher, father, entrepreneur and a light chuckle in a human form. Dotan decided to recommit to an orthodox following of his faith after hearing what […]

California Dreamin’

That’s a wrap. California, we need to make this a permanent thing. Encountering new ideas and entrepreneurs way out of my league. Filming self-made billionaires, scientists and philosophers. Racing a batmobile. Feeling grateful and wiped out. The first episode for the Dream Chaser podcast to come. We’ll be talking bitcoin, becoming a billionaire and the city of San Francisco with […]