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Our North Star Foundation

So what is the ‘North Star Foundation’? A film fund producing impact storytelling projects based on hope and optimism.

Our film fund will produce stories and fund storytellers who want to make stories to uplift and inspire. Stories to remind you that someone else has been through whatever you’re presently going through. Stories to remind you that you’re not alone.

For 17 years, I have been holding onto this dream. I have been close multiple times and have watched it fall away in ways ranging from annoyance to deep embarrassment. Over the last three years, I have been meeting with this guy, who has revealed himself to be a mentor, philosopher, mathematician, investor and now a good friend. He’s always encouraging, always challenging and always ready to ask me the questions I might want to hide from. Patiently he watched me grow my love affair that is Stories Like Us into its current shape: from family films, events films, corporate films to TV and film development. At which point, in the most movie-like moment, he invited me into his office and had me pitch the ‘big’ dream to a bunch of welcoming but unknown faces. I would later discover I had pitched some of the most influential and successful investors, lawyers and entertainment giants in London. The outcome of which was a date, 27th of Feb, set for our gala dinner. At that event, he and I would present to a room of investors, connectors and change makers. The dream would become a reality and over the remainder of this year I will move to producing commercial content designed to share unapologetic Hope in a time where we have a culture of hate and hatred of culture.

I feel happy and tired and might now have to shut down for some spiritual maintenance. It’s been 17 years of self pep talks, a lot of close calls, heartbreak, and a lot of dreaming with no evidence it would ever happen. Now, I need to gear up for the actual work. The fund will be working with a new media company based on the idea that we are only ever one ‘chance’ away from the breakthrough we are dreaming of. So until the next story time, keep believing, keep growing, keep chasing, keep loving. You’re closer than you know. Let’s get it.

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