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This is 2019

Twenty-four hours ago, I was standing here, looking up at this sign, dreaming hard, about to have the ultimate dream and chase tour through Randall’s house in ‘This Is Us’.

As is still the case, 90% of my dreams feel bigger than my resources, environment and current skill level. But hope and hustle, or as the Madre would say “pray, then move your feet”, has put me in more dream spaces then I would have believed possible over the last couple of years.

I went out to LA this time praying for clarity and courage. I learned last year that perfectionism and procrastination are twins. Don’t wait to have it perfect to move forwards – just start. Letting go of the lie of the perfect start and embracing the playful sketchbook idea is my goal for 2019. I wish for all of us chasing a dream the clarity to just begin and the courage to keep going. Let’s get it.

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