Preparing for the New Year

Focus. It’s the final few weeks of 2018 and, for me, this means I get to practice some of the new habits and focus techniques I want to rely on in 2019, which means making tons of mistakes and having the permission to get it all wrong. Too often, I’ve set a million new goals at the start of the year and lost momentum by confusing the learning stage with an evaluation stage. So for now it’s time to mess up all my goals, fall down, set unrealistic expectations, learn from them and give myself a chance to start 2019 chasing dreams with some insights and practice already with me. For anyone who feels like new year, new me has been a let down, give yourself the opportunity to practice your goal and mess up now so you can take the ninja insightful version of you into the New Year. Practice what you want to become and fail forward. Let’s get it.

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