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Challenge. Support. Play.

Challenge. Support. Play. Looking through the Instagram feeds of the people I admire and love, I feel like these three words are the underlying messages being shared. Face a challenge, make sure you have the right support, and, in all the striving, make sure you have time to play.

Speaking at the Sweat Life Festival

I’m still on my #sweatlifefestival buzz. Having previously done other talks and ADHD style monologues, this was my first panel and I loved it. @esmee_ldn with moderation that makes you want to run a marathon and also have whiskey and laugh for days matched with @billy_riley who has the charm and organisational skills worthy of any superspy casting. Thank you to […]

This is 2019

Twenty-four hours ago, I was standing here, looking up at this sign, dreaming hard, about to have the ultimate dream and chase tour through Randall’s house in ‘This Is Us’. As is still the case, 90% of my dreams feel bigger than my resources, environment and current skill level. But hope and hustle, or as the […]

The Dark Side of Positive Thinking

This video has stories about what happened when my kitchen burned down as a kid, the end of of Titanic and, most importantly, how the current version of positive of thinking may be harming more than it’s helping. Wondering ‘will it get easier?’ Here is my full-on hyper, triple espresso mode answer for you. Chase your dreams!

Anxiety and Ambition in Harmony

Anxiety and ambition show up side by side. It’s been a crazy year. We are not as far as I want us to be; yet we are a lot further than I thought we would be. Getting up early, taking a moment to look up, say a thank you to life before having a chat […]

Last Minute LA

It’s two days before and budget hasn’t been agreed, shooting schedule isn’t locked, a patient but understandably frustrated LA-based crew are waiting for confirmation. However, I’m on the plane, Batmobile is booked, Airbnb sorted, meetings booked and 20 hours to figure out the rest. Welcome to the dream chase. Build your wings on the way down. Hope […]

Working Through the Fog

“The biggest returns will be out there in the fog. You have to train yourself to work while being scared. Most people won’t do that. If you can keep moving while feeling uncertain, while being scared, that’s where the biggest returns will be. I have learned this to be true of life and investing.” – John Burbank, owner / […]

Inspiring New Developments

New week, same dreams. Very inspired by our new work with Rory McGuire and Nikki Lilly. It’s time to double down and commit to telling stories and sharing ideas that will help, connect, entertain and inspire anyone with an old or new dream. Podcast equipment has been purchased this week, studio sets are being built for […]

Playing at the Palais in Cannes

Chasing dreams and capturing stories. We watched a film with our logo produce laughter, tears and a loud applause to a full audience in the Palais in Cannes, while working with a team who just hustle, laugh, challenge and support. We’re grateful, but still buzzing and hungrier for more. Not yet where we wanna be, […]

Sunrise in a Liminal Sky

Last week, on an early morning shoot, the sky embodied the word ‘liminal’. This liminal sky is an in-between sky. Liminal, when you’re not where you used to be and not quite yet where you want to be. You’re in the in-between space. A lot of dream chasing is spent in this space. It’s good to remember […]