If it Scares You, It’s a Good Sign

“Stay humble, stay frightened and keep moving forward and it’s gonna work out for you” -Nolan Bushnell. Nolan invented Atari. He invented the first ever computer game. He was Steve Jobs’ only ever boss and then went on to invent Chuck E Cheese. He created multi-billion dollar businesses.

We’re doing a series of films with him on his new games studio and his life insights. This quote was part of the last interview. His ideas on fear felt new. He looks for it – doesn’t try remove it or overcome it. He says without it you won’t grow. If it scares you, it’s a good sign. So here’s to feeling fear and chasing dreams.

Julie Kertesz

Takeaways from ‘Julie Kertesz: On Becoming a Stand-up Comedienne at 77 Years Young’

There is a lot to learn from Julie’s story. We’ve transcribed what she said in yesterday’s video so we can takeaway insights from this wise DreamChaser.

My name is Julie Kertesz. I’m now past 80. I do many different things, of course. I am Toastmaster, public speaking clubs. I am photographer. I love taking photos and showing people. I am stand-up comedian, which I began when I was 77, only. I am a personal storyteller. I love telling personal stories because I think they can inspire others. Give ideas. Give courage.

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