Tyson Smile

First Draft

The deadline for our feature screenplay is this Sunday night. Spending hours alone writing is a funny, weird, beautiful thing. You have to feel what you want the audience to feel, which means siting in an empty room trying to make yourself laugh, make yourself cry, and make sure that you love and understand your characters. Next week I’m sending it out for feedback and then I will really get to work as the rewrite is where the magic and sometimes the core story actually reveals itself. Now to get back to writing the thing I’m actually meant to be writing :).

Tyson and Porche

Back from LA LA Land

Back from LA LA Land. Waking up at stupid o’clock hungry to chase these dreams. We did more film work with Nolan Bushnell — who founded Atari, was Steve Jobs’ only ever boss, invented Chuck E. Cheese and who, in his late 70’s makes me feel all kinds of lazy. He’s building a new computer games studio with an ex-head VFX guy from Marvel Studios called Zai, who might be (is) the most effortlessly chill person I have ever met. Zai designed the Jarvis interface — you know that POV of Iron Man inside the suit, he casually made that.

Both guys talked about fear and passion. Fear, not as something to destroy but as an ally, something useful. Something to let them know to move forwards and to ask better questions along the path. Obviously, I loved listening to this. A month ahead of building the Stories Like Us / dream chasing roadmap and sorting through all of this content to make useful Dream Chaser content. Driving the Batmobile in the sun, having conversations I never want to end, taking my first-ever hike and sharing movie producer dreams with my oldest friend — LA I’m sold. Can we make it official? Dreams to chase.

Tyson and John

Working Through the Fog

“The biggest returns will be out there in the fog. You have to train yourself to work while being scared. Most people won’t do that. If you can keep moving while feeling uncertain, while being scared, that’s where the biggest returns will be. I have learned this to be true of life and investing.”

– John Burbank, owner / founder of Passport Capital, self-made billionaire, and part-owner of the Golden State Warriors. This was taken from the Dream Chaser interview on the mindset and concepts behind his success.


Hold On To Your Dreams

Dreams on dreams: silly dreams, old dreams, new dreams, dreams that make me shy, dreams that are in touching distance, dreams that touch the edges of every insecurity I have and dreams that feel like returning home.

My love of dreams have a very simple explanation. At one point they were all I had. Ten years of false starts, empty promises, meetings that went nowhere, rejections and returning bouts of depression. Dreams kept me going through it all.

As I write this post, I’m sitting in the clouds flying to San Francisco dreaming of the next stage of the business, which is currently covering me and a team out there to interview one of my personal idols for the Dream Chaser podcast. He is a self made billionaire, a part owner of the Golden State Warriors and one of the real life characters the film The Big Short is based on.

After four years of visualising this exact moment, we got the paperwork signed and today we are interviewing him for the Dream Chaser podcast. So with nerves, excitement and total conviction I can safely say, “Hold on to your dreams.” You really never know where they will take you. Keep dreaming, keep chasing. Hope and hustle my friends. You got this.

Liminal Sky

Sunrise in a Liminal Sky

Last week, on an early morning shoot, the sky embodied the word ‘liminal’. This liminal sky is an in-between sky. Liminal, when you’re not where you used to be and not quite yet where you want to be. You’re in the in-between space. A lot of dream chasing is spent in this space.

It’s good to remember that the sun can’t come up any faster. For Stories Like Us, it’s been our best year. Yet, we often want to hurry along our own dawn sky – hungry for the next season, bigger team, more stories, new storytellers and deeper connections. Those things are coming; yet, for now, we have to hang out longer in this liminal space. Here’s to anyone in that space, leaving the old, heading to the new. The sun will rise.

On Set

Team Work, Dream Work

This was one of those jobs where you see all of your people smiling, laughing, connecting and getting things done. Producing projects that allow the people you admire to shine. That’s the continued goal. Team work really does make the dream work. It also helps when you’re shooting on a location with six Bentleys, a Rolls Royce, several million pounds of football memorabilia and a famous TV personality.

City View

Yes You Can

We’ve been running around from meeting to meeting. It’s a busy season for our company and collective. We have had meetings with heads of film studios and some potential partners who would completely change our business. We don’t get hyped by this anymore. Instead we get quiet, and filled with questions. Number one question: Can we do it?
This picture reminds us of the answer. Every building, every office, every person in those offices once started off as a distant dream to someone else. So keep dreaming, keep chasing. To everyone else feeling the fear, your answer is YES. You can do it. Just start. Let’s get it.

Insights from our Interview with Ruby Wax

Over the past couple years, we’ve made a number films for celebrities and institutions affiliated with the mindfulness movement. A lot of these projects are not ones we can share. However, we can share the latest film we did for Ruby Wax, which discusses her Frazzled Cafe initiative.

There were many ruined takes due to laughter behind the camera; however, we managed to capture good insights and ideas, which we think you’ll enjoy.

Studio Space

Our Stories

My first dream job as a child was to be an actor; what I lacked in talent I made up for in enthusiasm. I even got some TV parts: I played a footballer on a Saturday morning sketch on the show ‘Going Live’. I got a part of a young prince in the play ‘Thyestes’ and was at the Royal Court Theatre at age 11 for a month. I really thought it was gonna happen. Read more