A Message to 4-Year-Old Jacob

When a 4-year-old walks in on his mum and her friend watching a DreamChaser video and asks if you could be his friend?!! My heart almost exploded. And when he gives his mum a Batman mask to show you how you could be friends… CUTENESS overload. The only appropriate thing is to make him a DreamChaser response video. This is more hyper than usual, features props, and how to chase dreams and work with rejection for 4-year-olds. Big love to 4-year-old Jacob. But… you still might get something from it.

Insights from our Interview with Ruby Wax

Over the past couple years, we’ve made a number films for celebrities and institutions affiliated with the mindfulness movement. A lot of these projects are not ones we can share. However, we can share the latest film we did for Ruby Wax, which discusses her Frazzled Cafe initiative.

There were many ruined takes due to laughter behind the camera; however, we managed to capture good insights and ideas, which we think you’ll enjoy.