Hold On To Your Dreams

Dreams on dreams: silly dreams, old dreams, new dreams, dreams that make me shy, dreams that are in touching distance, dreams that touch the edges of every insecurity I have and dreams that feel like returning home.

My love of dreams have a very simple explanation. At one point they were all I had. Ten years of false starts, empty promises, meetings that went nowhere, rejections and returning bouts of depression. Dreams kept me going through it all.

As I write this post, I’m sitting in the clouds flying to San Francisco dreaming of the next stage of the business, which is currently covering me and a team out there to interview one of my personal idols for the Dream Chaser podcast. He is a self made billionaire, a part owner of the Golden State Warriors and one of the real life characters the film The Big Short is based on.

After four years of visualising this exact moment, we got the paperwork signed and today we are interviewing him for the Dream Chaser podcast. So with nerves, excitement and total conviction I can safely say, “Hold on to your dreams.” You really never know where they will take you. Keep dreaming, keep chasing. Hope and hustle my friends. You got this.

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