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Thanks to Our Angels

These two. Since I was about 13-years-old I have imagined a future version of a BAFTA/Oscar speech. Over the years, different people have entered and left that list. Jo and Kate will be on that list till the day I die. . .

A lot of us have dreams or goals, bigger than our environment, resources or backgrounds. The time you spend in the gap between where you want to go and where you are can birth all kinds of shit. My impatience with that gap has at times led me into quiet, potent bouts of depression. If you’re lucky, life will send you people (angels) who will see the future version of you in your current state and if you’re really lucky their conviction can outweigh your doubt.

Almost five years ago, I was sketching the dream of Stories Like Us out of the cafe owned and run by Jo and Kate, Canal Deli. Over the years of (occasional) free coffees, lunches and ’holy shit you didn’t!’ stories, I got my faith topped up and my dreams restored. Yesterday I pitched three TV shows at the BBC and got three follow up meetings. I’m still in the gap, but now there is a studio in Camden, a small team, batmobiles, potential studio spaces in LA, trips to TV sets and I’m getting ready to pitch to two of my dream companies next year. In ways that Jo and Kate will never understand, I take them with me into every big meeting I walk into. . . Here’s to those who support our dreams with whatever they have to give.

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