Be Like Eva

This is @evaliparova. She is one of my newfound heroes. About two years ago, she connected to a creativity born out of frustration and boredom. On a long haul flight, she took out a notepad and wrote a simple set of rules.
1. Answer the question below.
2 Pass it onto the person next to you.
3 If you don’t want to answer please pass this along.

She then wrote her first question, got up, walked to the front of the plane and gave her notepad to a complete stranger, shared a warm smile and walked back to her seat and waited.

By the end of the flight, 33 passengers had shared secrets, answered problems and shown that, though society might try to convince us how different we are, we ultimately have more dreams and more fears in common than not. Two weeks ago, CNN picked up this story. Eva is being contacted by airlines and press as more people want to use this idea to capture #planetales.

I reckon there are a few films to be made from this. But, whether we make them or not, this is a story worth sharing. This is Eva, when she is bored and frustrated she helps people connect. Be like Eva.

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