Little Girl Reaching

Reaching for Help

The photoshoot starts w crying. I’m a good foot taller then her parents and in her little world she finds it scary.

I love this pic because it’s one of the most honest things I have shot.

She wants reassurance. No game is being played. She doesn’t half ask. She needs help, she reaches up for it.

Boy Picture

Guard Your Joy

“Don’t let them steal your joy, bro” – the wisdom of my little sister @ruthaymer.

When I took this shot, this little guy had just gone from shy and hiding behind curtains to ‘let me show you every toy I have’, all in about 30 seconds. This guy was and is a reminder that on the road to dream chasing, you must guard your joy.

Inspired by a couple of people out here, I am working towards getting up at 4:30am so that I can increase my work rate – more videos to make, stories to share and pics to take – which means guarding my joy is a priority.

Goldie Hawn

The Boy Who Calmed Down

It’s been a tough yet inspiring few weeks. Between meetings for the app, the profile films, the short film for Goldie Hawn and the actual day job, we’re a little stretched over here.

However, that’s boring, let me tell you an interesting story from this shoot. We meet this kid during the shoot who has a smile that is a perfect mix of curiosity, hope and uncertainty. The kind that if unchanneled will label him as mischievous and trouble, yet if channeled, he will most likely be labeled as a genius. Read more

Julie Kertesz

Takeaways from ‘Julie Kertesz: On Becoming a Stand-up Comedienne at 77 Years Young’

There is a lot to learn from Julie’s story. We’ve transcribed what she said in yesterday’s video so we can takeaway insights from this wise DreamChaser.

My name is Julie Kertesz. I’m now past 80. I do many different things, of course. I am Toastmaster, public speaking clubs. I am photographer. I love taking photos and showing people. I am stand-up comedian, which I began when I was 77, only. I am a personal storyteller. I love telling personal stories because I think they can inspire others. Give ideas. Give courage.

Read more